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Cowboy Action Shooting holsters and gear


J. M. Ross


(423) 754-1285

Bulls Gap, Tennessee


Cowboy Comp Rig Package, full border tooled: $400
Ranger or Scout gun belt, 2 Cowboy Comp holsters (4 or 5 inch)
Choice of right and left, or cross draw
Belt suede lined with choice of loops, none, 12, 20, SG layout (Scout or 3 piece style)
All colors and borders available

Express Rig package, plain: $350
Ranger or Scout gun belt, 2 Express holsters, (4 or 5 inch)
Choice of right and left, or cross draw
Belt is suede lined and choice of loops, none, 12 or 20, shotgun layout for All in One

All colors offered and thread choices

JM Leather salutes all active, disabled and retired servicemen and women as well as our Veterans from all the Armed Forces.  We thank you for your sacrifice in defense of our country.  Your daily efforts assure us the freedom we enjoy each and everyday.
You are always in our thoughts and prayers.