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We stand for the flag, and kneel for our fallen brothers.
We are a family of public service and military and want everyone to know.


J. M. Ross


(423) 754-1285



Casual & Work Belts


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We make a solid good old fashioned quality belt for every day wear. These belts are made for practical use and are constructed from Hermann Oak leather to stand up to rough treatment. They are finished to the same standards as our gun belts. A jeans belt will traditionally be 2 inches longer than your pant size, but measure one that fits to double check.

Standard Belt: 1 inch wide belt, unlined single layer 9/10 ounce leather, all colors, stitched full length with Stainless steel roller buckle. $40

Lined belt: 1 inch wide belt, laminated smooth leather for a 10 ounce leather belt, fully stitched with Stainless roller buckle. $60. This makes a quality concealed carry belt.

No stitching on unlined if requested
Thread color can contrast or blend
Solid Brass roller available at no cost, (other buckles may be selected, but the roller works best with the heavy belt)
Border tooling styles as listed for other belts, single row styles only.
Color choices as with our other gear
Narrower belt can be made as well, buckles may vary by availability




Pricing Information