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We stand for the flag, and kneel for our fallen brothers.
We are a family of public service and military and want everyone to know.


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Shop Specials


We occasionally make an extra rig, or add holsters to a belt that was returned for size. These are brand new finished rigs and gear that are on hand for immediate shipment. These are fully lined holsters and belts as with all of our gear. We will add to these with additional gear, and back them 100% the same as if it was custom ordered. We will be happy to send additional pictures and details, or if a new belt is needed we can match them up for you in our normal deliver time.




Cowboy Comp holsters (2)  no belt, $260 includes US shipping
Our most popular holster in dark brown with brown stitching, plain.
Right and Left strong side, for 5 P Model or New Vaquero
Standard Comp with flared base for 2 inch belt
We can add a Scout or Ranger belt and ship within 7 days, or holsters immediately and we will still include shipping.
Brand new, additional accessories can be ordered.






Wild Bunch Rig, $330 includes US shipping
Black with red stitching.
WiB II right hand holster for 1911
Scout belt is 40 inches to #3 of 6 holes , full suede lined, no loops, Infinity Stitching
Mag pouches x 2
Brand new rig, additional accessories can be ordered





Gunfighter rig in Russet, Ballenger border and brass spots, $430 includes US shipping
Right and Left strong side, for 5 P Model or New Vaquero
Standard Gunfighter with flared base, brass imprint spots, rope edge conchos
Ranger belt 40" with solid brass clip corner, full coverage border and suede lining.
Brand new gear