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We stand for the flag, and kneel for our fallen brothers.
We are a family of public service and military and want everyone to know.


J. M. Ross


(423) 754-1285



JM Leather is a shop where you can speak to the maker and fellow shooter, not click and add to cart. This may take a little extra time, but it will be the way to insure you are getting the gear the way you want. Compare the prices to a large production maker and you will find that we will make you a premium custom piece for less than they charge for stock items. We do not keep a large inventory and every item is made to order. If you need something in a hurry, we may be able to help you find a good source. If you want the best quality you can find, then this is the place to look..

When you are ready to order or just have a question give him a call at (423) 754-1285 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mon - Fri or email him at johnny@jm-leather.com

Be sure to review the Ordering Information Page

Price List                              Summer 2019  
(423) 754-1285  
Scout Belt, leather, suede lined, plain                       2 1/2 inch $110
      All styles border stamped  $130
       Bullet loops, none, 12, 20  
Ranger gun belt, suede lined, plain                           2 1/2 inch $110
      All styles border stamped $130
      Bullet loops, none, 12, 20  
Scout canvas belt, tan or natural                     2 inch webbing $90
     All styles border stamped, add bullet loops, or SG loops $100
Casual and work jean belts, roller buckle, unlined $40
Money belt (folded leather gun belt)  $150
      includes 12-24 bullet loops, add $10 for border stamping top  
All-in-One Belt (Scout or 3 Piece Style w/ SG loops) 2 1/2 inch $110
      Same belt with border stamping styles, any loop layout $130
Expedition Belt, plain uses 2 Piece brass buckle, 2 1/2 inch                $120
      (buckles are USA made by Parsley™'s Brass, customer orders separately)
      Border styles and loops can be added, $10-20  
Bullet Loops can be added to any gun belt    
           Loops can be leather or canvas  
           Single and double loops are available  
Essential shotgun belt, 5 x doubles, 3 + 3 38 or 45, plain $100
                               Suede center, basic layout only  
All leather gun belts are standard 2 ˝ inch width, 2 inch by request  
         Add $10 for 2 3/4 or 3 inch, $20 for 4 inch  
         Belt length over 50 inches,                                           add $10
         Belt length over 60 inches,     (one charge only)            add  $20
Cowboy Holsters  
      Cowboy Comp, lined, plain $130
      Gunfighter, lined, plain $130
      Express, lined, plain $120
      Doc Holliday, lined (high ride) $110
      Cheyenne Ranger, lined $135
      Westerner, lined (straight drop) $135
      Trooper, lined, no strap  (straight drop) $110
      Cheyenne, lined (double loop) $135
            Straps and hammer ties on all standard  
             Any border style  on each holster, add $5
             Add concho to holster, (available styles) $5
             Any holster can be made without straps  
       Add drop to holsters (extra drop is about 1 1/2 to 2 inches $10
       Add for 7-8 inch barrels on holsters  $10
Wild Bunch / Auto Pistol  
Holster, Wild Bunch I, 45 Govt, lined, plain (WBI) $100
Holster, Wild Bunch II, speed rig, lined, full skirt (WBII) $120
Holster, Patton, 1911 holster, plain, lined $120
Holster, Wild Bunch III, plain, lined (WB III) $120
Holster, WB SSS, plain, lined $120
      Standard or Vintage Border (all holsters) $5
Typical WB rig, Holster, 2 mags, Scout or Ranger belt $300
                    Border styles add $35  
Magazine pouch, double, no charge for border across top $35
Ammo slide, rifle/pistol 3-5 rounds, no charge for border $25
Ammo Strip, Wild bunch, 10 rifle/6 shotgun on back $35
Wild Bunch Load strip w/ magazine holder  $40
WB belt slide, 2 shotgun, with 2 rifle reload loops $25
Shotgun slide, 6 round, 12 or 20 gauge $40
      8 round $45
      no charge for tooled bottom edge  
Loading strips, 10 rounds each side $35
Badge holder, fits both SASS badges, square snap on $20
Round style badge holder $20
Large belt pouch, plain $50
     Pouch options:     
     Border tool $5
     Badge location added $5
Custom gun covers (see cart accessory section) 50+
      Add fringe  $10
Leather/suede gun covers, plain, made for use on cart $40
      With conchos or fringe $50
Cart holsters, attach to cart and hold any pistol, pair (2) $30
      Tooled or custom add $5
Handy screwdriver case, (for belt or holster) $15
     Limited supply of antler screwdrivers 15
Shotgun Belt, straight or curved  
Shotgun belt (Scout 2 inch or 3 Piece center lined, buckle included) $110
      Any custom layout for loops  
  Shotgun belt, border tool styles, any layout $130
Double buckle models, add $20
Rebuild or modify belt, for length or new loops $20
Rig Examples  
Cowboy Comp rig, (2 holsters), Scout Belt, lined, plain rig $370
      Add a shotgun belt with custom layout = $110  
      This is everything ready to shoot for: $480
Complete with Standard or Vintage border, Complete set $530
      These are for a premium lined gun rig and SG belt,   
     custom layout to your specs. (SG belt $130)  
Other options  
Belt unlined, subtract ($30)
Holster, unlined, subtract ($30)
Conchos, (most) each $5
Belts under 38 inches - deduct ($10)
Smooth Leather instead of suede lined belts, add  $10