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We stand for the flag, and kneel for our fallen brothers.
We are a family of public service and military and want everyone to know.


J. M. Ross


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Wild Bunch III Holster

Pricing Information

ALL Wild Bunch Holsters feature:

·         Fully lined double layer 6/7 oz. leather

·         Legal in all SASS matches

·         Locking piece to hold on belt securely

·         All holsters built with Chicago screws through the body

·         Border tooling, conchos, or personal touches



WB III Holster

●    Muzzle forward design for natural draw.
●    Cut down and flared to speed draw.
●    Holster stands away from body further and has slight ‘kick out’
●    Full skirting.
●    Holster can be made with or without band.
●    Pure performance



WB III rig for 'Rider in the Sky'   


Express Border for "Dutch Diablo"

















Sleek WB III rig in black made for ‘Anonymous’


Dark brown, Express Border

















Dark brown with Express Border, for ‘Dustin Mudd’ of New Zealand



Custom cut WB III for 'Ron Hood'


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