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Wild Bunch Rigs Gallery

Pictures of various rigs and our shooting customers



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Kathouse Kelli ready for WB with ‘Bandita’ look


Wild Bunch I Rigs

Examples of WB I Rigs


   Red River Larry and his Wild Bunch I rig



Wild Bunch I in Dark Brown with Star, Canvas Belt


Wild Bunch I in Tan with Border Tooling 1   


Wild Bunch II Rigs

WBII gear and Bandolier for ‘Kathouse Kelly’


WBII on Expedition belt with 1836 US buckle




Ranger Dunn’s classy WBII matches his CAS rig


Frio Kid and his two tone WBII


WB II Dark Brown, Express Saddle Tooling


Russet WBII with Expedition belts


Shotglass and TJD's Wild Bunch II Rigs


‘Wagon Box Willy’s’ WBII in chestnut


Wild Bunch Patton Rigs

‘Ocklawaha Kid’ did it right with a complete Patton WB rig and accessories


Patton Rig


Wild Bunch III Rigs


WBIII holster, mag pouch, and Wild Bunch slide for Buck Bradley


Wild Bunch III


WBIII rig for 'Rider in the Sky'   


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